Bindi The Service Dog

A Day In The Life Of A Working Service Dog

Not a moment after that thought comes into my mind, I feel the slightest little nudge of a cold nose on my elbow. That is my soft reminder to take a moment and evaluate myself and how I feel in my body. That cold nose I feel is Bindi, my black-out & seizure alert service dog.

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Q&A Landslide Cover

It's the official debut of Q&A covering Fleetwood Mac's song, Landslide. Quincy and Adrienna recorded on The M Network's state of the art equipment to make the music video. On the 6th or maybe 7th take, they finally recorded a track with which they were both satisfied.

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Working Remotely

One of the things I love best about my job is that I can do it from anywhere. This is a great benefit that I think more employers should offer to their employees. It provides flexibility to the employees. We’ve also found that our employees are more productive.

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2017 Maui, Hawaii
The Gift of a New Day

As the day turns to dark, we’re reminded of the gift of a…

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A Homeless Trust Miracle

Since I was 15 years old, I have served as a camp counselor…

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On the Move
On The Move

The M Network motto is, “We can do anything. We choose to…

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A Small Gesture
Handwritten Notes

When my son was making a ridiculously long list of guests…

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