If you have questions or comments about The M Network; if you’d like to find out more about us or ask us to find out more about you, please feel free to send us a message:



If you’d like to give us a ring, our main number is 305.571.1455. Be sure to listen to the menu so that your call is directed correctly.

If you need to send us a package, a gift, a bouquet of flowers, a pizza or something else you think might not hold up too well if shoved into a PO Box, you can send it to:

The M Network
7390 NE 4th Court, #101
Miami, FL 33138.

If you’re sending an invoice, we prefer you send it via email. (Actually, we prefer you don’t bill us at all, but we understand that’s probably a bit unrealistic.) If you have to send us a paper invoice, or, better yet, if you’d like to send us a contract, a check, or some other important correspondence, you should send it to:

The M Network
P.O. Box 456
Mount Pleasant, Iowa