Automotive Advertising

Automotive Advertising

Automotive Advertising

If you’ve seen one car dealership ad you’ve seen them all. Some guy growling out prices while really big, bad graphics pound away on the screen.

While this strategy might get people off the couch – to go to the internet so they can see who really has the best deal in town – it does nothing to build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

When The M Network was brought in, we started with one basic premise. People don’t trust car salesmen AND they hate the process of buying a car.

Our goal was to bring the fun and the humanity back.

So we started with a TV heavy strategy designed to break the ice.

This was combined with some deal driven radio and an eye catching, brand building transit and outdoor campaign.


Once the brand was reestablished and people started to recognize the look and feel of the dealership  – we wanted give them something unmistakable and unforgettable. That’s when we launched a series of TV spots (in both English and Spanish) that carried inside jokes that someone from Miami would connect with in a heartbeat.