Dawn Moreira

Dawn Moreira

Dawn Moreira

The bean counters at creative agencies rarely get any glory, but here at The M Network we count Dawn as one of the assets that truly sets us apart.

Dawn has more than 23 years of accounting experience, with 15 years at the management level. Dawn has used her skills in the legal sector, the travel industry and in public relations.

In 2006 Dawn was handed a garbage bag full of receipts and The M Network company checkbook. She was told that if she could find a salary in that mess, she could have it. Undaunted, Dawn found a salary for her and 3 other employees and still had enough left to allow the company to provide full health benefits.

Since then, The M Network has continued to grow and prosper.

Dawn Moreira is a self-starter and has advanced her career in accounting and finance by continually taking on new challenges and streamlining practices.

As you read through our case studies and see, repeatedly, the line, “worked with a limited budget,” you now know that Dawn is our secret weapon that enables us do just that.

Five years ago, Dawn went beyond being our CFO, though. Dawn became our inspiration when she decided to return to college, earning her degree in Business Administration/Accounting.