Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing

The M Network has worked closely with several pharmaceutical companies helping to develop brands for products that carry black box warnings. There were times we were hired by a larger marketing or PR agency and other times where we acted as the agency as record. No matter what the agency hierarchy, however, The M Network brings innovative and measurably effective tactics into this highly regulated atmosphere.

Pharma Logos

One of our clients desired to reach patients while they were waiting in the doctors’ office. The M Network solution was to write and publish an unbranded magazine (in English and Spanish) dedicated to the core medical issue.

Menopause The Magazine

When another client wanted to create a patient education piece that would open doors for sales reps and that doctors would actually use, The M Network created a full-length documentary. The documentary was not only the centerpiece of a patient handout, but also a highly visible and amazingly visual hook for a massive public relations campaign.

Hysterectomy Tool Kit

There is so much more of our work that we’d like to display – from the animations that show how a product is used to a clip reel of the talk show that we produced for a client. Unfortunately, however, since those projects are branded we can only show them in private presentations.