Lisa Mozloom

Ambassador of Buzz 

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

Started At M Network: August 1, 2012

Previous life: Managing Director, Golin Public Relations (2000 – 2008)

First real job:  Stocking the soda refrigerator at a deli Wrightstown, PA (age 14)

Skillsets:  Honesty and Truthfulness | Public Relations | Research | Coordinating Complex Projects | Media Pitching | Copy Editing | Managing People | Alliteration | Putting Up With Thom Mozloom

Passionate About: Family | Friends | Helping Others | Old Hymns | Dark Chocolate found in anything related to a brownie or cookie

Quote: I know there are 2,847 unopened emails on my phone. I keep them there so I can find them later.


My Latest Posts

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Handwritten Notes

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Oprah’s Shining Moment Provides Takeaways For Great Presentations

I’m not one to get overly emotional about what most celebrities have to say,…

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My Favorite M Network TV Spot: When Living “Multiculturally” Pays Off

If you aren’t from Miami – or at least lived here for 20 years – it’s hard to…

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