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We’re a month away from Iowa and New Hampshire; what do you need to know?

The short answer is that if you live in NH or IA, you should stay away from all media till after the lunacy ends. In fact, you might want might want to think about some form of hermetic lifestyle till mid-February.

Should you accidently turn on your TV or radio, you will hear at least 3 political ads every single commercial break, 15 per hour, 300+ per day, every day. They will be in your mailbox, in your email, on your drive to work and in your neighbor’s front yard.

Seriously – there are a lot of ads.

If you happen to be one of the 314,000,000 people who don’t live in Iowa or New Hampshire – none of this matters at all.

That’s right. The thinking in the past few election cycles was that Iowa and New Hampshire would somehow act as a bellwether pointing toward each of the parties nominees. That’s just not true. Not only that — it hasn’t been true in years (just ask President Santorum).

So what’s the point?

For candidates, it’s an opportunity to test messaging with the faithful.

For donors it’s a chance to shop influence.

For voters not living in IA or NH, it’s a chance to evaluate candidates based on how they spend their money and what messages they think you’re interested in hearing.

To learn more about the money and the messages – take a listen to my latest segment on The Morning Briefing with Tim Farley on Sirius/XM’s POTUS channel.